Efficient Development of Urban Water Services

Rapid population growth, decreasing water availability and high per-capita consumption put safe drinking water provision in the catchment at risk in the long run. There is great demand for management methods that focus on individual water consumption, as has been successfully applied in Europe.

Not only the drinking water supply, but also wastewater treatment, will play a major role in future water management. Purified wastewater as a reusable resource increasingly attracts the attention of decision-makers in Iran. At the same time, sub-standard and inefficient plants or overloaded wastewater treatment plants lead to the pollution of natural resources in the catchment more frequently.

Improving both ends of the pipe

The project team concentrates on household consumption, wastewater treatment plants as well as the sewer system itself. Three work packages will concentrate on developing and testing methods for household water consumption management as well as for optimizing wastewater treatment plants and their operability by 2018. Innovative techniques of sewer rehabilitation are also being tested with the Iranian partners. The work package Drinking Water Consumption Management takes a look at individual households and their water consumption patterns. Special water meters will help to find recommendations for more water efficiency that each individual can realize. The work package Operational Optimization of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Isfahan North focuses on the application of upgrades and of innovative technology. And in the work package Rehabilitation of a Sewer Unit in Isfahan a cost efficient tight-in-pipe technology is being tested.

Work Packages