Planning for Sustainable Industrial Growth

Work Package: Morcheh Khort Industrial Settlement Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Morcheh Khort water reuse plant has not been able to reach its ambitious goals with regard to total daily clean water production, posing challenges to all parties involved in planning, administration and operation.

Project Activities

The project team supports the improvement of the overall proficiency of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). In Morcheh Khort Industrial Settlement, wastewater of the single industrial units is collected in a main sewer collection network and treated in a central WWTP. Certain industries, however, run decentralized pre-treatment units on their realms, prior to discharge into the sewer network. The WWTP has a total treatment capacity of 2,000 m³/d and currently treats mixed wastewater streams with a proportion of around 60% sanitary and 40% industrial wastewater.

In 2014 a water reuse plant has been set up at the WWTP site in order to produce treated wastewater for industrial use in qualities suitable to substitute fresh water resources. The plant was designed to supply 500 to 1,000 m³/d and consists of Chemical Sedimentation, Multi Media Filtration, Ultrafiltration, Activated Carbon Filtration and a Reverse Osmosis as final treatment step. Due to various difficulties regarding wastewater streams and relatively new technologies, the plant’s output underachieves considerably. Project activities therefore include:

    • Installation of online measurement devices for continuous monitoring of WWTP inlet water qualities
    • Evaluation of WWTP and reuse plant operational data
    • Provision of technical reports, including results of profound design- and process evaluation and proposals for optimization and adaption
    • Practical training for personnel in operation and maintenance of Ultrafiltration plants;
    • Discussion of project challenges and results with all participating Iranian partners (consultants, administration, operation)

Working on the Morcheh Khort Project

Ultrafiltration Plant in Morcheh Khort WWTP

Chemical Sedimentation - Morcheh Khort Wastewater Reuse Plant

Expected Outcome

The expected results of the work package are 1) the optimization of WWTP operation, 2) an increase of reuse plant water output and the substitution of fresh water, and 3) best practice example for other wastewater reuse plants in Iran.


Steffen Vogler, p2mberlin GmbH, steffen.vogler@p2mberlin.de