Project Partners

Cooperating within the “IWRM Zayandeh Rud“ project were various renowned research institutes and companies. These partners bring years of international project experience with them in the field of sustainable water management.
The Iranian Project Partners
The Ministry of Energy, as one of the most important ministries of the government, is responsible for the management of water, energy and wastewater services and also for promoting training, research and technological development. It plays a major role in the preservation of natural resources, public health and welfare.
The Iran Water Resources Management Company is an agency of the Ministry of Energy responsible for enforcing its policies and laws related to water resources, for collecting, analyzing and providing basic information on water resources, promoting research, technology transfer and training in the water sector.
The National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company is responsible for organizing the official activities of the Ministry of Energy in water supply and wastewater affairs including the efficient management of water supply and wastewater treatment companies and services, their supervision and evaluation.
As the supreme representative of the government the Governor General of Isfahan Province is responsible for the implementation of general national policies in conjunction with ministries, companies, governmental institutions and non-governmental public organizations.
The Isfahan Regional Water Company, as the provincial authority of the Ministry of Energy, is responsible for the fair distribution of water, the implementation and supervision of water infrastructure projects and for collecting, providing and analysing information regarding water resources’ quality and quantity.
The Isfahan Water and Wastewater Company is one of the oldest WWCs in Iran. It specializes in the construction and operation of infrastructures related to the sustainable supply of potable and hygienic water and the collection, transmission, treatment, reuse and hygienic sewage disposal.
The Isfahan Agricultural Organization is an important government body for achieving the targets set in Iran’s 20 year outlook plan and many clauses of the 4th and 5th development plans, especially in terms of food security and self-sufficiency in producing staple foods, export development and protection of natural resources.
The Mirab Zayandeh Rud Company is responsible for signing water transfer and supply agreements, setting up water user associations, for inspection, monitoring, operation of diversion structures and water flow rate registration, protection of river beds and maintenance of water networks.
The Environmental Protection Organization of Isfahan is the main local authority in the realms of human and natural environments, for the supervision of law enforcement, for public relations and training in the environmental sector.
The Isfahan University of Technology is one of the largest universities in Iran and top grade in the disciplines of engineering, agriculture and natural science. With high ranking professors and talented students, it was appointed ‘Center of Excellence’ by Iran’s Ministry of Science and Technology.
Zayandab Consulting Engineers have a thirty year successful history as water technical specialists with a number of eligibility certificates in water & sewage installations, irrigation and drainage networks, dam construction, protection and engineering of rivers etc.
The main responsibility of the Zayandeh Rud Urban Development Organization is to organize disciplined and supervised tourism in the Zayandeh Rud basin according to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The Industrial Settlements Organization of Isfahan is responsible for policymaking and strategic planning for the development of industrial settlements, plot lay-out, promotion of goods and services export and enabling the launching, promotion and extension of private (foreign) investment for large and small industries.
The Isfahan Higher Education and Research Institute in Water & Power is the main provider of scientific-practical research and training for the Ministry of Energy and its subordinated organizations, for generating and transferring up-to-date technology and know-how and thereby enhancing required skills in the water and power sectors.