DSS: Support decision-making processes with models

The Decision Support System (DSS) is intended to provide decision-makers with information that is relevant for strategic water management issues. It is intended to summarise, intersect and visually present this information. It is therefore a central technical element in the IWRM process.

The DSS is designed as a practical implementation system that can visualize the current status of water resources as well as the medium and long-term impacts of management decisions and measures on the basis of generally accepted data.
The running system, which can be extended as needed, will bring together complex model results and will enable its users to identify alternative approaches to water management, assess the scope of water management decisions, and to legitimize decisions (based on scientific data).

The DSS as a central component of the IWRM process

Supplied with data on the water resources in the catchment area and the water requirements of the individual users, the DSS can map the interaction of important elements such as sectors, groundwater and surface water, present and future. In this way, it forms the reference point for water management decisions and their cross-sectoral implementation.
Thus, the DSS is the optimal tool for coping with the manifold challenges in the catchment area and for dealing with the increasing pressure that climate change in particular is exerting on water resources.
The functionality and usefulness of the instrument could be convincingly demonstrated to the decision-makers, and it is intended to use the instrument for the work of the River Basin Organisation (RBO). The DSS could not yet be finally implemented in the second project phase and transferred into actual operation, as the development of the individual components could not be completed in the past project period for various reasons.
For a successful implementation and operationalisation of the DSS, further training and development work is now necessary, which is carried out in the following three work packages:

Work Packages
    • SWAT
    • WISKI Data management