Sustainable industrial development

In addition to agriculture, industry is an important economic sector in the Zayandeh Rud catchment area. More than 350,000 people work in large steel and cement works, oil refineries and around 13,000 smaller companies. In the medium and long term, the region is dependent on industrial development to maintain or, even better, raise the living standards of its growing population.

The industrial sector is a growing area in the catchment area and water demand is expected to increase by 70-130% by 2025. However, water scarcity in the Isfahan region has meant that industries that rank third on the government's water distribution priority list have had to reduce production in the past.

Less is more: reducing water consumption and alternative water sources

For the industrial sector, approaches are needed to reduce water consumption, reuse water within businesses and develop new water sources. Building on the second phase of the project, in which municipal wastewater reuse, concentrate treatment, water consumption reduction and water recycling were scientifically investigated and potential savings determined by modelling, the results achieved in this module will be implemented on site using a large industry as an example.
The following activities are therefore planned in this project module:

Work Packages
    • Production-integrated modeling
    • Construction and commissioning of large-scale plants
    • Training: Modelling, training of trainers