Basics for optimization and operation of activated sludge wastewater treatment plants and simulations (SIMBA# classroom)


2017, November 27 - 28 (2days)

Training course description

Course objectives Participants learn the principles of activated sludge wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)
Knowledge transfer on the operation of WWTP
Participants will learn basics on the control concept of WWTP
Utilization of learning content with SIMBA# classroom modeling
Content Introduction into the interface between waste water treatment and sludge treatment
Introduction into sludge treatment
Features and problems of waste water treatment stages with focus on C- and N-elimination
Boundaries and problems of sludge treatment stages
Introduction and modelling of treatment stages (primary, activated sludge, secondary)
Modeling-exercise unit: Opportunities to influence waste water treatment steps
Modeling-exercise unit: Opportunities to influence sludge treatment steps
Duration (educational hours (45´)) 4 sessions; 20 educ. hours
Language English
Trainer Norbert Christoph - Daniel Heidel
Training Methods presentation of basics and model components (teaching style), situated exercises on input parameters (group work), running the model as an example based on instructions and as individual
Training providers p2m berlin GmbH
Partner Organisations
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